Jun 28, 2014
Category: General
Posted by: davidbannon
Good news, Glenn has just dropped off the blocks I was missing.
Jan 1, 2014
Category: General
Posted by: davidbannon
Wow, the mortar additive finally arrived. 12 months after it was ordered, maybe six months after being paid for. How good is that ? All I am waiting for now is the Exterior Sealer.....
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OK, no project goes totally without problems but I must admit to being just a little unhappy about the Timbercrete blocks in stage two. Here is why -

  • Delivery time.  I placed my order on December 2012 but did not get the blocks until August 2013, one of the additives December 2013 and am still waiting for the sealer (at time of writing, febuary 2014). This was despite multiple promises, “yep, all ready to go, be there soon” and similar.
  • Block size. This is crazy ! Seems Timbercrete have changed their block size some time between my Stage One and Stage Two. The supplier knew I was finishing an partially completed building but did not think to mention that he was shipping smaller blocks. The official Timbercrete website did mention the new size in the sales sections but the “Building Manual” was unchanged. This means my careful planning to avoid cutting was all voided and I am as yet unsure if I will even have enough blocks.
  • Poor documentation.
  • Label on sealer.
  • No delivery documentation, quantities, date of manufacture.
  • No building manual.
  • Block quality. Far too many of my blocks have ‘flaws’. I don’t mean the normal variation in ‘slump’ we expect, indeed want, in Timbercrete Cobblestone blocks. I mean corners knocked off, holes, damaged surfaces. Please see the Rogues Gallery.
  • The Half Blocks are used a lot at the edge of doors, windows etc and therefore have one end exposed to view. But half blocks are available only with one end slotted (and those slots are in my case unusable) so I have only one end to choose, many are unusable for that reason. Further, half blocks are noticeably thinner than the full blocks so ends of walls exhibit a zig zap profile. Not bad but noticeable.
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