Jun 28, 2014
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Good news, Glenn has just dropped off the blocks I was missing.
Jan 1, 2014
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Wow, the mortar additive finally arrived. 12 months after it was ordered, maybe six months after being paid for. How good is that ? All I am waiting for now is the Exterior Sealer.....
CMS - 1.12.2 - Kolonia

Brick Spacing

Getting the “Run” Right.

OK, this is, where “real brickies” get a good laugh !  Seriously, this model suits me, totally wrong for the pro. So, if you are a real brickie, stop reading now !

Real brickies work with a brickies rule in their hand, measuring the run as they go and always seem to end up with a whole brick at the end. But we are not real brickies, are we ?   I mark, with a pencil, on the slab or the previous course where the (typically) left edge of each Timbercrete block is. If you design carefully, the slab is exact and the supplied blocks are what you ordered, this is easy and predictable. However, in my case, stage two was not quite like that. So, I like to measure out each run and work out the best spacing ! I have a cheat sheet with the run for one to twenty blocks for between 405 and 415 centers, that is block plus mortar. Then, knowing what the center to center is, I select blocks of all about the optimum size. Generally, most of my blocks are between 380 and 390 at their longest (compare that to the 420 nominal that I ordered !).

and the Height and the in and out bit…

This is where your string line comes in. Expect to spend a bit of time getting that sting line in the right place and then, important, trust it ! Blocks like timbercrete are a bit harder to setup a string for because the “belly out” in the middle and are all a bit different in size too. But that is what we want so accept it cheerfully. Set up the string on the inside wall, here is my trick to ensure each string is exactly over where the previous one was. Make a good pencil mark on the slab a fixed distance further inside from the lower edge of your first row of blocks. I use the broad face a builder pencil as a spacer. Put your spririt level on  that mark and make sure the next string up is exactly one pencil width in from the vertical spirit level. Do both ends of the string, see drawing.

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