Jun 28, 2014
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Posted by: davidbannon
Good news, Glenn has just dropped off the blocks I was missing.
Jan 1, 2014
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Posted by: davidbannon
Wow, the mortar additive finally arrived. 12 months after it was ordered, maybe six months after being paid for. How good is that ? All I am waiting for now is the Exterior Sealer.....
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Hitting a Timbercrete Block

Sorry if you have arrived here looking for martial arts tips, no, I have not played in that space for many years.

This page has some hints about how to drive a Timbercrete Block into exactly where you want it. It may well be very obvious to many but I'll spell it out just to make it clear for those who don't 'see' it.


Not surprisingly, hitting a block squarely in the middle pushes it squarely down. In practice, you may see a bit of drag if one end is (wet) mortared to an adjoining block.

This one is a touch more interesting. Hitting one end down does push that end down. But you will find that the other end rises up, not as much but it does go up !

Hitting in about a quarter of the length, or maybe a bit more will push that end down and not lift the other end up.

The same thing applies across a block as it does down the block's length. However, when going across, or when working with half blocks, the effect is less pronounced.

Its also worth noting that when a block has been pushed too low you cannot lift it up again, best by far is to lift it off, freshen up the mortar bed and start again. You will waste much more time trying to leaver it up and pack mortar under it. You have been warned !

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