Jun 28, 2014
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Good news, Glenn has just dropped off the blocks I was missing.
Jan 1, 2014
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Wow, the mortar additive finally arrived. 12 months after it was ordered, maybe six months after being paid for. How good is that ? All I am waiting for now is the Exterior Sealer.....
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Tomboy-notes -ng ?

Stop, all tomboy-ng activity now takes place on the Gnome Tomboy wiki. Any information here is dangerously out of date.

This is, perhaps, just about an Alpha release of Tomboy_NG, a rewrite of the popular Tomboy Notes in FreePascal and lazarus.
The intention is to stick to Tomboy's basic principles of simple user interface, cross platform and syncronisation between those platforms. Long term ....

This is the November 2017 release and, as before supports 32bit and 64 bit Windows, Linux (64 only) and Mac OSX. It comes as one binary and, for most people, needs no other libraries other than whats already installed. The largest binary, the 64bit Linux one, is a bit over 4Meg.

Since the last release we added -

  • File Synchronisation - extensively tested with other Tomboy_NG and traditional Tomboy clients.
  • Auto Save.
  • Searching within a note.
  • Searching all notes.
  • Better (but not extensively tested) Unicode support.
  • Ability to delete a note.
  • Lots and lots of safety checks, but you can never have too many!
  • Lot of code tidy up.

But, of course, its not all there yet. If there is sufficient interest, a number of things will have to be added -

  • Multi Language Support (believed to be easy)
  • Spell Checking
  • Monospaced Font
  • Printing (should be easy)
  • Table of Contents (a plugin I use a LOT)
  • Needs further work on how Bullets behave IMHO

But the real feature is that it compiles cleanly under (gtk) Linux, MacOSX and Windows. From same source with only a few IFDEFs. The resulting (about 4MB) binary is all you need to run. No additional libraries. I have tested it on Debian XFCE and Gnome 3, Ubuntu Mate, Win10 (64bit), Win7 (32bit) and OSX Sierra.

Why Free Pascal and Lazarus ?

Firstly, there is no way I am suggesting that a Pascal/Lazarus Tomboy would be superior in any way to a Mono/GTK one. But I do think it might be more "maintainable". With the existing Tomboy we see many Windows user struggle to install the somewhat idiosyncratic software stack required, we have not seen a happy Mac user for some time. The Free Pascal and Lazarus approach is "write once, compile anywhere", obviously, its not that simple but seems pretty close. The basic Free pascal and Lazarus parts are easily cross platform. But I have used a "Component", KMemo that approaches that point on Linux, Win and Mac. And potentially lots of other platforms too. Anyone want Tomboy on AIX ?

If you have some feedback for me, best place is probably the Tomboy mailing list.


Stop, all tomboy-ng activity now takes place on the Gnome Tomboy wiki. Any information here is dangerously out of date.

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