Jun 28, 2014
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Good news, Glenn has just dropped off the blocks I was missing.
Jan 1, 2014
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Wow, the mortar additive finally arrived. 12 months after it was ordered, maybe six months after being paid for. How good is that ? All I am waiting for now is the Exterior Sealer.....
CMS - 1.12.2 - Kolonia

Download and Test


Please note, these downloads are the actual binaries, not install kits or whatever. So, do Right Click and "Save Link As". Otherwise, you'll try and load the binary into a browser page.

Mac Users Beware! Much to my disappointment, my recent testing has uncovered a bug on one of the core Lazarus components on the Mac. And it means a memory leak. My advice to Mac users, until this is fixed, stop and restart Tomboy_NG every now and again. No such problems under Linux or Windows.

Where are your files ?  Note that I still have not gone looking for your existing Tomboy Notes. I ask you to tell the app where you made a copy of them. Thats because I care about your data !  At some stage, even that step migh dissapear but right now, I prefer to play safe. And, sorry, I have moved the config file from the last release so you will need to setup a new one in Settings. Its easy...

Win10 64bit - Tested on Win10 but probably will work on (eg) Win8, 64 bit only. (Let me know if thats the case please.). Windows will warn you against downloading a file that may harm your computer, it might be right but not intentionally so. I promise.

Win 32bit - Tested on a Win7 system.

Mac OSX dmg file - tested on Sierra. If you are downloading the Mac version, you clearly know far more about Macs than I do. Open the dmg file, copy the directory somewhere suitable. Note I have not paid a fee to Apple, so you will need to do the Control Click, Open thingo to get it to run the first time. Further, at this stage we save the settings in a unix like place rather than the one approved, in absentia by Steve Jobs. I'd like some feedback about such things please. And, in my testing, I see an icon down on the Plank even when we don't have a note open. Sigh....

Linux 64bit - Known to work with Debian and Ubuntu varieties, probably lots of others. (Let me know if you want a 32bit one, apparently easy to cross compile.) Just drop the binary in your home directory, or, if you are tidy, in your $HOME/bin. Its likely the download process may remove the executable bit, just put it back.

Source Kit - See below (will be along shortly, I need to do a clean up).

Test ? 

Yes please. But please understand this is still very much Alpha, it is most certainly not guaranteed bug proof or even safe. So, please -

  • Make a copy of your Tomboy files in a new directory.
  • Download one of the binaries. You may need to mark it as executable.
  • Fire it up, being unconfigured, it will pop up a Settings form, the only thing you must do is set a path to a directory for your notes and save.
  • Test away but remember lots of things are not implemented, I'd like to hear about the ones that are implemented but not working as expected.

Build your own ?

I would seriously like you to consider having a go at this if you can. Pascal is a relatively 'safe' language to program in, the compiler is quite picky about what it does, asking you to clarify anything 'dodgy'. It was once a very popular teaching language, encouraging good habits. Lazarus is modern and very helpful IDE that holds your hand when needed and gets out of the way when you are ready to fly.

OK, provided is a source code kit that you could build your binary. You would first need install Free Pascal, Lazarus and the KControls component. You may choose to get the first two from your normal distro source or (I recommend) direct from -


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